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The story of Leite's Group, Inc. is about fulfilling our passion for what we love. As a company, we have committed ourselves to changing the status quo by presenting sparkling clean, environmentally green services and solutions to Earth-conscious Long Island businesses. By working together, coupled with our drive and vitality, we will succeed at our goals.
Leite's Group began just as any other cleaning business; by providing our services in factories, office buildings and gym facilities.

And as with most other cleaning companies, our employees and customers were completely unaware of the negative effects of chemical cleaning products on the environment. As time went on, we found that unless healthy and sustainable products and thoughtful methodology were applied, cleanliness would only be surface-deep.

Mindful of this fact, Leite's Group began to pursue alternative clean and green supplies and methods to correct this serious issue. On this journey, we have discovered that our fresh and efficient viewpoint coupled with environmentally-friendly products and methods created to fit the unique needs of every individual client, result in exceptionally clean facilities. We've also learned that providing our ‘green and clean' services imparts a vastly reduced ecological impact while also improving indoor air quality; an important feature we can offer to our valued customers. Together we can make this happen. Join us on this mission for a cleaner, greener future.

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